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History of Farm house tables

When the early settlers, first came to our country, they needed a place to eat their meals and sort their produce. With little or no woodworking experience, they built primitive tables with readily available materials. These tables were usually made with long, straight, boards for the table top and square legs.  At that time, wood wasn't normally kiln dried. As the wood dried in the home, after the table was constructed, it warped and cracked. It was a normal practice to cut- out small bowtie shaped pieces of wood and inlay them across a crack, to keep it from spreading. These farm tables became the most important piece of furniture in their home and have been passed down through generations. Some of the happiest memories in life, are those times shared with family, around grandma's table.


At Great American Farm Tables, we want to preserve that heritage and give future generations an opportunity, to create new memories with their families. Today with modern techniques, we are able to replicate the tables of the past, with many more options in styles, wood species, and finishes.


We design and build keepsake farm tables your children and grandchildren will be fighting over.

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If The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home.... the family  table  Is  What makes it beat!